Disability & Diversity: This world wasn’t made for me

Challenges can come in many forms. They don’t even have to be disability-related. In this presentation, Mindy will speak about the challenges she has overcome, using her disability (Cerebral Palsy)  as an example. She will talk about challenges she has faced and how she has learned to work around them. She will also share some of the strategies she has come up with to help her through her daily life and give her opinion on things she would like to see changed.

Acceptance: Me Myself and I versus the world

Acceptance is a continuous struggle throughout a person’s life. Mindy acknowledges this in this presentation – nothing is sugar-coated; this is bare-bones and real. Mindy is the first one to admit that there is no getting around the acceptance issue, but she can tell you her experience and how she got through it. Everyone will have a lightbulb moment: will yours be in this presentation?

Dis a what???

The world of disability and the community that goes with it can be huge and overwhelming. In this presentation, Mindy will break it down into more manageable segments for everyone to relate to. She believes the more understanding there is out there, the less ignorance people can claim. This presentation can be tailored to your needs, so please feel free to tell her what you would like to focus on and she will gladly do so.

Cerebral Palsy?!

Cerebral Palsy – it’s a huge umbrella term and can take on many forms. Although Mindy does not claim to be a doctor of any sort or have any formal medical knowledge, she will tell you about her experience with this condition.

Relationships: Friends, Family & Dating, Oh My!

Friends, family, never mind dating can be hard topics for anybody to broach. For Mindy, understanding is always the top of the list. She  will speak about the different types of people she has come across in her life and how her family has helped to shape who she is. Mindy holds nothing back when she speaks about what it’s like to be disabled and single! Two words that should never go together! Mindy does this in a very respectful and appropriate manner and can tailor the presentation to what audiences needs are.

Mindy’s World: My Story plus Q&A

If you would like to hear more about Mindy story and the details of her life, she is glad to tell you. She is an open book. You can ask her anything. Education, moving out, employment, nothing is off-limits. If you would like her to focus on something specific, please feel free to ask and she will do so.


All presentations can be adjusted to suit any grade level and time frame. A question period should be built into every presentation as Mindy believes that a question left un answered is knowledge left unknown.

If you would like to contact Mindy about a speaking engagement, please email livingmycplife@gmail.com

If you would like to learn more about Mindy visit her SpeakerLink profile