My blog is where you can find out about all things Mindy. Written in a casual colloquial style this blog is meant to be both entertaining and educational.

I have broken my blog up into sections for easy navigation.

Video Blog Posts 

Blog posts that have YouTube videos associated with them. Some of these posts talk in more detail about the video and or give behind-the-scenes anecdotes about what it was like making the video.

365 Days, Living In The Moment

This series details every day starting May 22, 2018, and ending exactly or a year later on May 22, 2019. You hear it all the ups the downs the quotes and everything in between. These blog posts are meant to be uplifting but some are very dark. No one can be happy every day, But we can strive to find the happy in each day.

The F Word: Fun, Fearlessness, Fabulous, and The Obvious!
This is Mindy‘s fun way of telling you about her life. Written in a fun colloquial and conversational style this is where we as people can laugh, cry, and get frustrated together. This is a place where we love the difference.

Nightmares From The Chair

I have always said my life could be a reality show and now I tell you why. I don’t know how I get myself into these situations but somehow I always get myself out. I post the accident of the day. For everyone to cringe at, laugh at, and or be downright terrified for. No filter just Life. Inner dialogue included within square brackets. Check back here if you are unsure of a Mindyism and I will try to keep a running list.

Glossary of Mindyisems 

  • A Mindy minute = 2 1/2 minutes for every 60 Seconds (regular minute)
  • WWMD = What Would Megan Do (A very influential person in Mindy’s life