Nightmares From The Chair

Nightmares From The Chair: Overthinking A Good Thing

I got my replacement smart drive and tested out today. It works great and I can only imagine the adventures I’m going to have with it. As of right now I am still taking accessible transportation for the rest of the month just because of when did the smart drive came in. It also gives me some time to get used to this new tool and really get comfortable with how it works.

It turns out route this is getting used to phase may start much earlier than I had first anticipated. I confirmed pick up Times to and from work for tomorrow To find my leaving time later than I would have expected. I then thought “well, it’s not an issue I have the smoke drive.” Which was swiftly followed by, but you really haven’t used it yet, what if something happens and, you don’t really know that route. So I begin to lean towards no. I’ll just take accessible transportation home.

Then I feel bad because I have this new tool which I helped purchase and if I don’t use it it’s a waste. Then I thought WWMD and it came to me as simply as anything, Bring the smart drive to work and if you still feel like it’s too soon as the day goes on take accessible transportation home. But if you don’t want to wait take the bus. I also know I am going to hesitate like this the first time I go on any new bus route and or the first time I try the smart drive in “public” with someone with me.

Knowing all this, the question is, when will I be ready to take the leap.