The F Word: Freaked Out Over A Phone

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I cracked the back of my iPhone XR and I have been staying calm about it. The phone itself still works it’s just the back that is completely shattered. I dropped it I don’t know where, or how, or even how many times because I’ve dropped it a bunch. I went to the Apple Store today to get it looked at I was then told I needed to make an appointment. The appointment time came (two hours later) and then it took them a bit to actually get to me. I guess I’m used to waiting, or I’m just a polite person, or I’m just easy-going. Or all three of those things combined.

I didn’t mind waiting but apparently my friend did and he made that clear. I was a little annoyed as well but definitely not to the extent he was. maybe I’m just used to it, I expect it. I will say this though, I do like it when they running on time. If that is not the case though, except it, there’s nothing I can do about it. I understand though, some people are impatient and I think that says more about them than it does the situation, what saddened me was the question I had is/should be common knowledge at the Apple store, all I want to know is how much I am going to have to pay to get the back of my phone fixed or replaced?

Some may say, Google it. I wanted to hear it from them and didn’t mind waiting. Being around people to exerting negative energy or just are frustrated in general just bring other people down, in my experience. Carry-on cast of the Apple Store. that said, we were both tired and I too can get in a mood when I am tired.

It was an interesting day, good and bad, definitely a day I won’t forget. The three major things I have learned today, when you think you know someone’s true colours they can always surprise you. Nothing is ever as quick as you think it is going to be. never take your phone like for granted.

The F Word: Frustration with Friends

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You have friends, good friends, family, and those who you would consider acquaintances. I am a person who has all of these. I think it is accurate for me to say I realize who falls into each one of these “groups“ And it works out as it should. I am not able to see certain people as often as I would like, and I see people who I want to see often, I also keep in contact with certain people.
One thing I don’t like which many people often do is giving your opinion and or voicing something when it quite obviously is not the time to do so. I like to think that I am open minded and I care about other peoples opinions so please don’t take this as Me saying “you need to be certain way around me“ instead, what I’m saying is if you know someone is going through something maybe you don’t bring up A certain topic for you avoid certain words. Knowing that a person may be sensitive to those things.
I had this conversation with someone and she totally agrees. You wouldn’t intentionally do something which may impact your friend in a negative way. Quite honestly, I am not even sure this friend realized what she was going on so in that aspect I really can’t be mad. At the same time I feel like this person knows better.
I find it interesting, to look at the time at which people come into our lives. There was a saying I want heard, some people come into your life for a reason, and some for season. In that respect I can’t really fault anyone but I can say genuinely this person threw me for a loop and I’m still trying to get back on the waggon.

The F Word: Future Plans Looking Forward to a More Balanced Life

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As a person who is different I have always found I have faced more and or different barriers than others. I have compensated doing what I can do very well. I have always felt the need to go above and beyond to prove myself and to break down barriers in stigmas.

I still feel this way but I now realize making life harder on myself For another person’s benefit is not something I necessarily have to do. I put that pressure on myself. And the people who want to be around me and like me for me shouldn’t be putting that pressure on me. Just seems like common sense now that I understand it but it took me forever to wrap my head around and now I have I feel as if life is going to be much different but different for the better. I’ll be living life for me in the way I want so because it will be coming from a place of intention and balance I feel like there’s no way I can lose.

I know this is an existential topic and post so I get it if I end up talking to myself and only myself. Honestly, I’m used to that.

The F Word: Friends Family & Thanksgiving

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Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! With that I will say i’m weird when it comes to holidays. I don’t spend them with my biological family, why? because. Instead of chosen to spend holidays like Thanksgiving with friends and often it’s a really great time. This year though I decided not to do anything, I’m OK with that, and it meant I could stay in bed all day and do whatever I wanted. Why is this big for me? I am only now learning about myself and figuring out who I really am. I am an extravert for sure but I am also an introvert and love my alone time. For the first time in years I didn’t feel sad about not being with my family instead, I embrace it and loved every second of my alone time.

The F Word: F Equals Fatigue

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I didn’t sleep a wink last night and my head didn’t help. Anyone with anxiety will understand. I ended up waking up a friend of mine and talking to her for probably like an hour and a half. Just trying to make sense of what was going through my head. I am the master of being able to think 12 steps ahead and then not Being able to let it go or go back to step one once I’ve gotten to step 12. So this ends up in me being rather fatigued today. I did absolutely nothing and that’s OK. I coloured in a colouring book and I got my groceries delivered so, in a way, I was adulting. To say I got no sleep would be a lie because I did get some sleep it was just in the morning probably for like six hours now that I think about it but messing with your sleep schedule is not good especially for me.

I had one other f moment today and I’m sorry this was not a family friendly f moment. I took the case off of my iPhone EXR which I put on because I had noticed that the back was cracked like majorly cracked but it looked like it was just the inside that was messed up so I can put a case on it and there would be no problem. I guess I dropped the phone one too many times and when I took the case off today I found that the back glass has completely shattered and there are actually pieces missing so now I have to go and get a new phone. Normally I wouldn’t and I would just deal with it but because pieces are missing and to me it becomes a bit of a safety issue I feel like I should go and get my phone replaced. Thankfully My phone is under warranty still so it shouldn’t cost me nearly as much as it normally would to replace my phone at least hopefully.

lessons for today don’t drop your phone and expect because nothing To happen because you’ve been lucky before and make your sleeve a top priority because without it you go kind of crazy. Also think the friends that are there at two in the morning to chat with you, who understand your crazy and love you anyway, because those are real friends.

The F Word: F*ing Everything

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My plan for the weekend is/what is to sleep as much and as long as I could. I haven’t been getting the best sleep lately and by lately I mean over the past like 3 to 6 months so lately because I have some time off I am/hope to catch up on some of that sleep I’ve missed. I’m lucky that most people support me in this and want me to get to a point where I feel better.

My day consisted of dozing in and out of TV shows and resting. I was then aroused from my slumber by and knock on the door that sounded urgent. You know the kind of sound I mean where you think like this is got to be important somebody must be dying. Or that maybe you missed something important I got one of those knocks on my door end it wouldn’t stop. After what I’m guessing was about five minutes it did just as I pulled myself out of my bed and into my chair to figure out what was freaking going on that needed my urgent attention. To find no one at my door and a pamphlet lying at my feet.

I guess the person who left the pamphlet must have seen me open the door because she came running backAs if her life depended on it. A as if her life depended on it. Before I knew it she was in front of me giving me her speech on God knows what and before I knew it I slammed the door in her face and was walking back to my bedroom yelling ”not interested.” i’m pretty sure she wrote up a report about me to which I say whatever don’t come knocking on peoples doors like that and think you’re going to get a different response. Plus just tell everyone out there, never wake someone from their slumber unless you want to get a door in the face.

Speaking of doors just a quick aside for those of you who are animal lovers even my cat Jackson got in on the fun when he decided to make an escape from my apartment while I was picking up clean clothes from the dryer. I spent 20 minutes pulling my hair out trying to figure out where he was just to hear a little noise coming from the other side of my door as I madly shook the cat treats. I openEd the door to find my little Mr staring at me like, “I tried to run away and then I got hungry so I came back for food”I assured him back in with a quickness and a few choice words, you can figure out what they were, And did he jump in my arms to give me a cuddle, no. He went straight to his bowl and started stuffing his face. That’s my Mr. at least he knows me well enough to avoid getting a door in the face.

Being Okay With The Unknown: Nightmares From The Chair

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Many of you may know me from my first blog series, 365 days living in the moment. In the series I posted something every single day for a year. A lot of those posts had to do with the idea of being president in a moment and not letting the simple moments pass by, instead acknowledging them. I believe Life is in the little moments that people often dismiss.

What I didn’t talk about as much through that series is the fear of the unknown. Why because anxiety live in the future, depression lives in the past, and as I sit here I live in the present. I have had to keep reminding myself of that lately. My anxiety has been really high. Especially around work. All I want is a permanent position. Then as I talk to friends of mine and think about it I realize “permanent” is not what it used to be. And if I keep worrying about something in the future I have very little control over not only am I going to miss out on the present, but I’m going to shoot myself in the foot trying so hard to get permanent that I let my mental health go by the wayside.

So right now I’m practising being OK with not knowing, and being OK with not having everything laid out, being OK with literally living one day at a time. All of this is super hard for me especially because I’m a Virgo and I like everything to be planned out almost to a T. Living day today is definitely not that. But living day to day might be what I need to be me again, to remember to live in the moment, it to remember to press the pause button and to be kinder to myself, my flaws, quakes, and strengths. I’ll let you know how it goes but for now I can say a change in mindset would do me some good.

A New Mount Gives New Life To The Smart Drive:Nightmares from the chair

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If you have been following my journey with the smart drive you know it has been a love-hate relationship. Mostly love. I believe I mentioned in one of my previous blog posts I was getting and you mount as the original one seemed to have a loose screw. This is an issue because if the mount is loose the smart driver wheel itself cannot fully extend and therefore can easily fall off the chair or cause damage to the unit it’s self. My original mount was becoming loose after it would use it emergency stop feature. This would be in acted accidentally but still obviously be an issue.

Yesterday I got a new mount after contacting smart drive and explaining my issue. They are so easy-going and we’re happy to help me and send a new mount. It was only after inspecting the old mount and comparing it to the new mount I realized there definitely was a screw loose in the old(Original) amount. The difference is night and day.

I accidentally started the smart drive while typing on my computer and it did smack me into my desk a few times before I realized I could get myself out of this situation by stopping/turning off the chair. Rookie mistake. Totally my fault. I should know better. My point begins after this movement, not being able to move forward, but also not really bumping into anything to In at the emergency stop. The Matt went to was fine no clicking or loud noises which I became accustomed to when the same type of thing would happen with the old mount. Also, when I went to Starbucks and crusts a notoriously bad intersection, bad for the fact, there is a very large pothole like dip right before the end of the crosswalk. I always get stuck in this pothole today was no exception, except that when I did the amount was able to fully extend forward in essence launching me and my chair forward into the air but then immediately bouncing back enabling me to get out of the rut, grab my wallet which fell out of my chair through all of this and continue with my day.

I’m sure it was terrifying to some of the passersby but to me it was hilarious and after all of this the smart drive and it’s mount still drive as smooth as they did this morning before all of this. This is what makes my day. No matter my work life or what else is going on do you know that in one way I can have freedom of movement is enough for me.

Fell Out Of My Chair & Hit The Sidewalk: Nightmares From The Chair

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I was coming home from a very interesting week, to say the least and I was already kind of pissed that I would be home later than I thought, because I had to catch a later bus. But whatever I was going to get home.

I was listening to music minding my own business and I guess I wasn’t paying as careful attention as I normally would be but I came across a crack in the sidewalk that was apparently too much for the smart drive so it stopped and I ended up sliding out of my chair down my casters like right onto my butt on the sidewalk. It was actually a very graceful fall. I know what car did see me and I just waved at them and said it was OK and they went about their business. Quite honestly I thought it was OK. I popped right back into my chair my earbuds didn’t even fall out but then as I went to keep going for some reason I didn’t think to get the smart drive out of the rat it was apparently stuck in so it’s backed up words which made the attachment turn down word and that of course makes the smart drive come off. It won’t stay on while pushing you in that state but it will if you push yourself. Thankfully I was really close to my apartment so I was able to get home without too much difficulty and my friend was able to tighten the attachment back up so this my drive works now.

Of course when I got home though is when the pain from the fall started to say that in because it had been maybe 5-10 minutes so by the time my friend came with a wrench to fix the smart drive I was in a lot of pain. Thankfully it’s not as bad now but I know I am going to get bruises on my back because of all of this and I don’t recommend it as a way of transferring out of your chair if you are looking for an alternate one.

Judged by Someone I’ve Never Met: Nightmares From The Chair

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I like to think I can handle judgment. I’ve had to overcome most of my life. Recently though I ran into a situation where someone who I have never even interacted with was so sure that I couldn’t do my position that I shouldn’t be working. Of course this is not true and nothing has happened because of it yet except for my loss of sleep and Stress levels probably went up like 1,000,000%. I also probably got gray hair because of it, thankfully I had an appointment with Nikki two days after this happened so any gray hair has now been concealed.

I just don’t understand why people do this to their people. People who I have spoken to about this will say that people just like drama. There must be more to it though, because you’re talking about another person can indirectly directly affect them I’m. And why would people want to affect people in a negative way I don’t understand.