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I saw this today on Facebook and although I’m sure it supposed to be funny I think it’s also profound in the way that it points out so bluntly what society wants you to be and what everybody fights against but at the same time as everyone is fighting against it it becomes the norm.

so simple and yet so profound. I think the message here is something we all would do well to remember. I will also say, shining is one thing. Having the courage to shine is another. Knowing that you may have work to do but you are still worth it is something that I as well as I’m sure many people struggle with.This really resonated with me and will be in affirmation I end up printing out and putting on my wall. Because, “You do you do not have to be whole to shine.” There are so many ways I could take this quotemetaphorically in a mental way as well as physically. We often think of ‘pretty normal people’ at least that is what is portrayed in the media so that is where we are conditioned to think of as beautiful as whole as what we should aspire to as people.…

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I saw this on Facebook and though it may seem superficial I feel like it says a lot. It’s so true, at least in my experience, and works not only with friends and best friends but relationships as well. Do you maybe asking yourself, did I repost this? Truthfully, I did not. That said, I know there are certain people who will always be there for me.It doesn’t matter if I speak to them often or twice a year. Some friends will always be there for you while others are meant to teach you something. The people in your life are there for a reason only we know what that reason is and can figure out reasoning for ourselves. Just like no two people are the same The true reasons as to why we need to have a specific person in our life won’t always make themselves clear until we…

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Today could have turned out horribly. But it didn’t. I took the bus by myself with my walker for the first time in a very long time and I’m not dead. It took a lot out of me which I was expecting. That said, it didn’t take as much from me as I thought it would. I was able to see someone I haven’t in a very long time and I found out I might be able to do something that I had previously put out of my head -like not possible at all. I saw this on Facebook and it instantly spoke to me. I don’t think I’ve posted this quotebefore I know I’ve posted many along the same vein. simple yet powerful. I really hope this blog and to a lesser extent my YouTube channel (that I will get back to) I am actually thinking of making a…

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I did a whole lot of nothing and that’s OK with me, my left hip is acting up and so doing a lot of active things maybe make it Popo even sooner than I think it well. Whatever though, moving on, I spent most of todayWatching storytime YouTube videos and chatting with my best friends. I loved it, every girl needs to do that sometimes. I love chatting with my friends and I feel like this quotereally sums up how I look at my conversations and relationships with not only my friends but everyone in my life. I have said hurtful things before I won’t deny that. I have also had hurtful things said to me from years ago that I still remember. Don’t be part of a bad memory.

I saw this today and needed to share. Today was a good day. Even though I may have started out wanting it to be over I have been so stressed over the past few days I’m taking tomorrow to just be. To balance myself, centre everything and ground. It has only been in the past few months that I have actually started to like me. And that is hard to say, you would think liking yourself would come naturally, but for me it have something I have always struggled with along with self acceptance were the names and everything else like that. The big emotions and I we don’t get along very well. But that’s OK because I like who I am anyway.

Today was a good day. I can say a lot of things have contributed to it, one of which is good friends, and self care. I love these kind of days I love. I remember a time not so long ago when nothing like today ever really existed. Never take your days for granted- live them well and live them fully.

Some of the happiest people enjoy the simplest things. And Some of the simplest things make people the happiest.

Love your weird it’s what makes you, you. X

sometimes it’s good to look back on who you have become and, often we get so caught up in the here and now that we forget it Le we’ve come from, we take it for granted and don’t remember the person we used to be. Because knowing that person is just as important as knowing the person you are today.

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