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365 Days, Living In The Moment: Day 262

Warning the following blog post is up a little bit deep. I may sound a little dash off my rocker and a little bit whooo.Bear with me for a minute, and read to the end before you judge. I saw this and I really hope it applies to me. I need to know the answer to a question I have had for months and hopefully by the end of the week I will have it. I am just hoping that the answer is what I wanted to be, but if not I will have to find a way and I will because I always do, but I just want something to work out for once. I know this sounds negative and really unlike me, I try to be as positive as possible in my blogs because who wants to read about negative things. I am just really going through it right now, and above is how I honestly feel. I know life doesn’t always work out the way you want but it works out the …

365 Days, Living In The Moment: Day 84

I’d like to pose a question, many of us strive for normal yet normality is boring, many people will tell you as such so why do we strive to blend into the background be “normal” and not show our differences? Being different is said to be sought after in many spaces and yet being different in our world although it is becoming more except a bowl is still seen as other. When will either become normal or do we want to be.

Somewhere To Put Your Ass: Seating Cushions And Backs

Choosing seating is a very personal and customizable choice and will be different for every user depending on how much you use your chair and what you use your chair for. That said, seating is one of the most important parts of a chair as improper seating can cause pain, pressure sores and muscle tightening and other issues. Seating is expensive and I’m not going to beat around the bush about that, but I feel like some as important as your body and positioning at stake, it is worth the investment, at least for me. I went over a few different options for seating in this video, however, there are many others that I did not mention. Wheelchair seating is such a broad topic, I can’t pretend to know it all, even if I wanted to. So please, please, please, ask your doctor or OT as I am not a doctor and cannot diagnose or give medical advice regarding your situation. Everyone is their own brand of different, and we are all unique, and therefore …