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I did a whole lot of nothing and that’s OK with me, my left hip is acting up and so doing a lot of active things maybe make it Popo even sooner than I think it well. Whatever though, moving on, I spent most of todayWatching storytime YouTube videos and chatting with my best friends. I loved it, every girl needs to do that sometimes. I love chatting with my friends and I feel like this quotereally sums up how I look at my conversations and relationships with not only my friends but everyone in my life. I have said hurtful things before I won’t deny that. I have also had hurtful things said to me from years ago that I still remember. Don’t be part of a bad memory.

We all need to remember this sometimes. tomorrow is Monday, so go forth and be productive. Or, realize tomorrow is Monday, and take the week one day at a time. Or, and this is my favourite solution, know that: she believed she could so she said, I’ll do it tomorrow. Tomorrow is an OK answer. Not right now is an OK answer. I need to get this done first is an OK answer. Even no is an OK answer. Put your self first.

Today was an awesome day. It started out normally and ended in a way no one would have ever expected. First off, a few weeks ago I wrote a post in which I mentioned with 365 Coming to an end (I will be starting another long-term blog series immediately after this one Enns) I set myself a final goal. The goal was to get another job before the series was over. I am happy to report I have succeeded in that goal. I spent today running errands I needed to get done before I start my new position and a well at least trying to adult. I say that because my day ended like a bad disabled a joke; which would go a little like this, what does it take for to wheelchair users to put up a curtain? Two hours, some strong jeans, and something to hold you up.…

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There are very few friends I have found this kind of magic with .When you find it and you’ll know when you do those are the friendships. Those are the people who will stay around and be with you through some of the best and worst times. Laughter is the best medicine.

I saw this today and needed to share. Today was a good day. Even though I may have started out wanting it to be over I have been so stressed over the past few days I’m taking tomorrow to just be. To balance myself, centre everything and ground. It has only been in the past few months that I have actually started to like me. And that is hard to say, you would think liking yourself would come naturally, but for me it have something I have always struggled with along with self acceptance were the names and everything else like that. The big emotions and I we don’t get along very well. But that’s OK because I like who I am anyway.

If anything what today has brought home for me – sometimes good things come out of nowhere and you just have to except them for what they are and how they will help you and think to yourself, “Well, I live a pretty nice life” So yes my life may be different than mini I may have to deal with more, but when I really need it Life somehow has a way of reminding me how lucky I am and how everything works out with a little faith trust, pixie dust And the ability to let it be.

Some of the happiest people enjoy the simplest things. And Some of the simplest things make people the happiest.

sometimes it’s good to look back on who you have become and, often we get so caught up in the here and now that we forget it Le we’ve come from, we take it for granted and don’t remember the person we used to be. Because knowing that person is just as important as knowing the person you are today.

True confidence is evident when a person doesn’t have to pretend to be anyone, but instead, stands in their truth. Not afraid of the challenges that lie ahead.

Another way of looking at living in the moment if you find “living in the moment” to be impulsive try thinking of it like this: so what did I do today? A lot of self care. I got a new art pencil case so I thoroughly enjoyed filling it with 48 pencil crayons 24 Crayola twistables 48 markers, eight Le pens, pens, and a few sharpies. Other than that I slept ransom errands and colored. Something I haven’t done in a long time. What does this have to do with living in the moment you may ask, she’s just organizing her life. Though that is true and I will not dispute that because that is what I ended up doing, it was giving myself the permission to take the time to do something I enjoy. And not worrying about what other people think or are doing or anything other than…

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