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As a person who is different I have always found I have faced more and or different barriers than others. I have compensated doing what I can do very well. I have always felt the need to go above and beyond to prove myself and to break down barriers in stigmas. I still feel this way but I now realize making life harder on myself For another person’s benefit is not something I necessarily have to do. I put that pressure on myself. And the people who want to be around me and like me for me shouldn’t be putting that pressure on me. Just seems like common sense now that I understand it but it took me forever to wrap my head around and now I have I feel as if life is going to be much different but different for the better. I’ll be living life for me…

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The moment you realize you have not posted on your blog for upwards of 11 days and you don’t know what you have been doing with your life. I post on this blog because I love it but also because I “have to do it” or else I don’t feel like myself. Lately I have been trying to figure out why I don’t feel like myself Lol I can’t believe I didn’t realize it sooner and as I write this post I am immediately feeling better. I have this quote hanging in my office and Megan always keeps reminding me to do the things that feed your soul. I guess I was so used to doing 365 days and it became such a routine in my life that I could never get to this point of feeling not bad about myself but just a little more stressed and anxiety ridden.…

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I can now say this comeToday was a day of mixed emotions but all things considered I think I am leaning towards the positive At least by now I hope I would be. I’ve only spent almost a year blogging aboutThe more or less positive things in my life. At the same time, work is always interesting and yes they are being supportive for the first time in my life. Yet I couldn’t help feeling like I’m going to lose my job. So It’s always a working progress. You know a person can’t be happy all the time. A good friend told me recentlyVery few people’s lives are always happy.It’s always a balancing act,You are going to have some awesome things happenWhile at the same time ugly horrible things are going to take place in different areas of life.Learning to embrace that, those moments of pure chaos and overwhelmedIs what…

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Seven years ago today I posted this on Facebook: People may say as the world moves forward what was once present becomes less relevant. This may be true, although, I feel this is one of those rare moments where the authenticity of a phrase is timeless as poignant today as it was yesterday. As impactful and thought-provoking to one as it is another. In short – your girl is good. If I don’t say so myself.

I know I have posted and or reposted a lot of quotes lately, yet this one strikes a real cord with me.

Even when days are not so great I get that back to the fact that they have been worse. There was a time when I could not see making it to the next week if not the next day. And then I remember:

But I was forced to put into practice today was trying. It seems simple but often it is not. Often, it requires taking deep into yourself and facing demons that you may not want to. Once you try you may fail, this is true. Or succeed in one way or another, or you may decide that today was not your day and try again at a different point. I know socializing with certain people is something that I am not comfortable doing but I challenged myself to step out of my comfort zone a little bit today and I’m glad I did. I was able to spend some quality time with family and I actually had a little bit of fun. That said, I know I’m going to need time to reboot, relax and just be alone again before the rest of the Christmas festivities continue. And that’s okay, because…

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There’s a point when you know who you are when nothing can knock you off your game. When people try to destabilize you it may work for a minute, or even two, but you eventually realized what you were worrying about doesn’t really matter in the long run. Because, if it did people would care more, you would care more. But instead, you decide, not to prove them wrong, or take a stand, but to just do. Just do, and let the world be. If the experience is meant to happen, it is meant to happen. If your path is going to take you a different route, let it happen – it’s going to happen anyway. Why fight it. There’s no use fighting for her life that is not purely routed in your own purpose. Let it be.

I reached a point in life where apparently I can have more fun than I ever before. Taking things seriously and learning to not take things so seriously. I was asked for a rally today (a typo that should have been Talley) so I made pom-poms (Yes you read that right) and I have so much fun with it even though the person who I did it before I think was in such a serious mood they could not realize the fun in it. I had fun though and I don’t really care. you need to learn to laugh at yourself before you can take any of the things that really matter in life seriously.

I am a person who never did yet silly thing for the fact of being silly. Like, you know what I mean, little things that you might see at the store that have no real value or meaning, I think it in the fact that they are silly. Until today. It was just annoying day in general, and frustrating on many fronts but nothing that was particularly important, yet put all together all the little things created just very annoying weird day. So, I was at lunch with a friend, who knew about the craziest that was my daddy and he wound up a little creature that happens to be magnetic put it on the whiteboard and let it go. The Magic Magnet Man As I watch this thing go down the whiteboard and I laughed, I understood in that moment a lot of things about life. Today I was…

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