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365 Days, Living In The Moment: Day 270

I have to say the next few days of posts will be very short. I got a concussion a few weeks ago and haven’t been treating it properly so I am now on strict precautions for very little screen time to wrap my head heel. One thing I can say not having had a concussion before I now understand how simple things can be made so hard. And things that I take for granted like being able to use the phone or computer have become harder for me which is why I think this quote encapsulates his experience because through all of this and through whatever a person goes through you should never let an experience or a situation though your sparkle. I once thought the work was everything and being good at work and was going to mean everything to me and in my life. That is not true at least for me because I realize now more than ever that work is only one aspect of what makes me me and there are …

365 Days Living In The Moment: Day 259

First I need to say this is not one of my fur babies I got this off of a good old Facebook. So I take no credit for the photo with the wise words that we all know are true. i’d like to take a moment to acknowledge those four-legged friends in our lives whether they be feline canine or something else entirely. Never know it may be true that in many ways they run our lives I want to give some credit today to all that you do for us. The secrets they keep, the tears they dry, and the days they make just a little better just by being around. I have said it before and I will say it again I couldn’t imagine my life with out fur babies. And I couldn’t imagine their lives without me. So as much as it is true dogs have owners and cats have staff the love between us is worth it.

365 Days, Living In The Moment: Day 255

I just had a teachable moment with someone. Who was cutting me off when I spoke, thinking she knew what I wanted like she was a mind reader, and trying to make me work at her speed. This doesn’t happen at my house. Sometimes I will let one of these things go, given his situation but lately I have become much more of a boss, especially with my help. The days of walking over Mindy are long gone and the days of me standing up for myself I have become a reality and it’s not sometimes it’s pretty much all the time now. This might sound bitchy and self-centred but please no I do not mean it that way. I do not have time for sub par help. If you do not want to be around me in a positive way in my house you can leave. If you insult me, my family or something I hold close to my heart. You can leave. If you do not believe that I know what’s best for …

365 Days, Living In The Moment: Day 229

This was forwarded to me by my best friend and I have to say it really touches the heart. Especially, as all people go through something what it is and how it affects them is totally different but everyone has a struggle and son are more visible than others and a lot of the time I think we look at people and we see only what they want us to see so we idolize them or think that they must have the perfect life but we all go through something. We all have secrets be share with some and keep from others and that’s OK, some people would even say healthy. Just to know when you fall down you will get back up it may take a while, it may look different to others and even to you. It may not lead you down the same path you had planned for yourself but Life let you get back up. So you stand and you stand tall.

365 Days, Living In The Moment: Day 225

Sometimes, well a lot of times, I’d like to go and go and go and go. I listen to my body yes but often my body supports me in the decisions that I make. Well one thing I have learned while being in this body is, I do not do wet with colds. So whenever I feel a cold coming on before it even gets bad I go to bed early drink lemon and honey or As of recently I added a cold remedy and sleep for as long as possible. And this approach hasn’t let me down yet. Let’s hope today isn’t the day that it does. I know that half of the time I’m just need sleep and the other half of the time I’m either doing too much or stressing about unnecessary things. My point is an apple a day might keep the doctor away but taking it easy is easier.

365 Days, Living In The Moment: Day 223

I can’t believe this is the last day of 2018. This year has definitely been a whirlwind and a year I will remember for sure. I was going to go into the blog post and recap a bunch of things but somehow that doesn’t feel right. Instead, I want to talk about a moment today which, I honestly still don’t know how to really describe. I was in the shower this afternoon letting the water wash over me and I can’t describe I really don’t know the feeling I was finally able to acknowledge. It wasn’t contentment, not happiness, not sadness, not excitement or boredom. I just remember saying to myself This is my truth. I’m OK with it in whatever shape it comes and quite honestly I can’t remember what it felt like to not be living this way. So here’s to a year that taught me a lot and an awesome year to come.