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365 Days, Living In The Moment: Day 255

I just had a teachable moment with someone. Who was cutting me off when I spoke, thinking she knew what I wanted like she was a mind reader, and trying to make me work at her speed. This doesn’t happen at my house. Sometimes I will let one of these things go, given his situation but lately I have become much more of a boss, especially with my help. The days of walking over Mindy are long gone and the days of me standing up for myself I have become a reality and it’s not sometimes it’s pretty much all the time now. This might sound bitchy and self-centred but please no I do not mean it that way. I do not have time for sub par help. If you do not want to be around me in a positive way in my house you can leave. If you insult me, my family or something I hold close to my heart. You can leave. If you do not believe that I know what’s best for …

365 Days, Living In The Moment: Day 223

I can’t believe this is the last day of 2018. This year has definitely been a whirlwind and a year I will remember for sure. I was going to go into the blog post and recap a bunch of things but somehow that doesn’t feel right. Instead, I want to talk about a moment today which, I honestly still don’t know how to really describe. I was in the shower this afternoon letting the water wash over me and I can’t describe I really don’t know the feeling I was finally able to acknowledge. It wasn’t contentment, not happiness, not sadness, not excitement or boredom. I just remember saying to myself This is my truth. I’m OK with it in whatever shape it comes and quite honestly I can’t remember what it felt like to not be living this way. So here’s to a year that taught me a lot and an awesome year to come.

365 Days, Living In The Moment: Day 213

Today was one of those days you never expect to happen. You know what I mean? The ones that start out normally and that you have no expectations for and then all of a sudden they become one of those days you will look back on with pride. Today was one of those days for me. I didn’t do anything spectacular, or anything really different. What I think what changed is my confidence in myself and the abilities I have. I find now, I can make a decision and stick by it. I can also see through people’s words and think through their previous actions and reactions. I have given myself permission to be myself. I am also not apologizing anymore for needing or being the person that I am. Today was a mile stone day, a day I will always remember.

365 Days, Living In The Moment: Day 210

As I look back on today the work part, professional Mindy did nothing remarkable really. In the taking care of business, personal Mindy, she got it together today. Now I’m going to stop talking about myself in the second person, and say, today I feel like great strides were made, I finally feel somewhat on top of several different situations going on in life that I have needed to get a hold of for a while. To finally feel in control of something, after not having control of it for a long time, I can’t describe the feeling. I also found myself being conscious of my needs yet resource full with what I have. The last and one of the most noticeable shifts in my thinking has come gradually over the past few months but I certainly noticed it today. I don’t deny any more that I like and in many ways I need to (I hate using those words in this context) because I feel like some of this is a luxury, I get …

365 Days, Living In The Moment: Day 207

I’ve been noticing something lately, which may be just me finally tuning into myself, and yes you did read that right, I said tuning into myself,Or maybe a shift has taken place. But I notice over the past two days or so, I have found standing in my truth, in my authentic self to be easier and puke to me as a feeling of peace and fulfilment at the most on opportune times.I should’ve really took note of what I was doing in those moments, because that would be good to know now. I feel like a lot of the upcoming year of 2019 will be like this for me much like 2018 was the year of discovery and figuring out what living in the moment really means. As I lay around today just watching mystery shows and getting good sleep, not just medicated sleep but good sleep I resolve to make this weekend a revitalizing, rejuvenating one. When I go back in to work on Monday I want to be or feel like a …

365 Days, Living In The Moment: Day 203

When they say balance is the key to life or anything to that effect they are not kidding. I have known this for a while but as I get older it seems to be making itself more and more apparent. Not even just physically although some may take it that way, in all other aspects of life, Socially, emotionally, financially, even with activities. I find if one or more it’s out of balance I feel off. Nothing is worse than feeling weird and not being able to put your finger on why. I should take time to mention, though I say I have know balance in one’s life creates a better life. I never did say I was any good at it. On the contrary, whenever I have free time and errands to run you better bet I am off and running. Then I get back from “vacation”and wonder why I feel like I need another vacation. Many people wonder the same thing. The thing is, I feel like, when you know something can, will, …

365 Days, Living In The Moment: Day 202

When I saw this I knew it had to be part of my post today. I wish everyone had the confidence to think like this. I know since I have it has changed my life. How I look at things, how I do things, how I present myself, and who I am. In that it has allowed me to show and be the person I want to be with no regrets. Love me or hate me I don’t care because I am me and that’s the only person I am going to be. I now realize, where you are is where you’re meant to be, but what you do in that moment, how you choose to live that day is up to you.