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365 Days, Living In The Moment: Day 268

I had to remind myself of this today and I had to keep reminding myself of this all week really but it’s a good piece of advice.And someone with a disability I can say that I often have challenges that others may not and often have to prove myself just doing “normal” things. often people underestimate me and when they do I have to say I just kind of laughed to myself because I know when I approve them on they are going to be the ones shocked and having to renegotiate what they thought of me while I sit humbly thinking well I knew I could do it. I acknowledge it may take me longer and I may do it in a different way but in the end it gets done and a lot of the time people realize how inefficient they once were or are when they see how another person does something. So underestimate me that’s fine just don’t be shocked when the underestimated rise. This probably sounds arrogant I am not …

365 Days, Living In The Moment: Day 266

this is so perfect for today because I think for the first time in a while I am totally OK with my circle. Big or small I know where everything fits. Not to say that something won’t change, actually I hope it does but that I am completely OK with understanding that some people are only to be in your circle for time while others will be there a lifetime. I am not afraid to let people go – or to truly let things be and follow the path that is put in front of me as I discover it. I think as scary as it is to say I am ready to leave what I know for something different that I feel is going to be more authentic to me. What that is, I have no idea but I am willing to lean into the wind, listen carefully walk with intention and open my eyes to what’s next.

365 Days, Living In The Moment: Day 255

I just had a teachable moment with someone. Who was cutting me off when I spoke, thinking she knew what I wanted like she was a mind reader, and trying to make me work at her speed. This doesn’t happen at my house. Sometimes I will let one of these things go, given his situation but lately I have become much more of a boss, especially with my help. The days of walking over Mindy are long gone and the days of me standing up for myself I have become a reality and it’s not sometimes it’s pretty much all the time now. This might sound bitchy and self-centred but please no I do not mean it that way. I do not have time for sub par help. If you do not want to be around me in a positive way in my house you can leave. If you insult me, my family or something I hold close to my heart. You can leave. If you do not believe that I know what’s best for …