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Impulse buy alert. I saw this necklace and new it was so me I had to have it. I don’t usually do that with jewellery especially Julie read it does cost money but I have another necklace from this brand and I absolutely love it. As much for the necklace as the sentiment behind it. I’ll take a picture and make sure to show it to you when I get it. It just felt right and when something feels right you should do it. At least in my book.

There are very few friends I have found this kind of magic with .When you find it and you’ll know when you do those are the friendships. Those are the people who will stay around and be with you through some of the best and worst times. Laughter is the best medicine.

After a fun filled day yesterday today was spent recovering because well, I fell again, I’m used to it by now what I’m not used to is how when I was younger I was able to spring back a lot quicker and easier now though it takes me a bit. That said, I’m glad I have the time right now to recover. To take time for myself centre and ground. Because all too soon I’ll be going back to “normal life” And I will be so busy that the ability to ground it will be a thing of the past. Even though I know I should make time for it and I will try my hardest to. My point being sometimes a girl needs a day hanging out in her pyjamas with her cat eating take-out Mexican food and watching YouTube. Sometimes that’s food for the soul and sometimes we…

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Some days you remember because of the specific thing you did, some days you remember because of the feeling, and some tees stick in your memory because you realize you changed in that day. That was today for me. I didn’t do anything particularly out of the ordinary but at the same time I had so much fun being normal. The most empowering part for me and what I’m going to focus on today is that I go out to experience the feeling of truly being in control of my chair.I have always been in most ways but believe it or not often I don’t take a part nor put back together my own chair. That said, today I did, i’ve always known how but for whatever reason others have done it for me or it hasn’t had to be done so I don’t get the chance to practice it…

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If anything what today has brought home for me – sometimes good things come out of nowhere and you just have to except them for what they are and how they will help you and think to yourself, “Well, I live a pretty nice life” So yes my life may be different than mini I may have to deal with more, but when I really need it Life somehow has a way of reminding me how lucky I am and how everything works out with a little faith trust, pixie dust And the ability to let it be.

Some days just in badly. Today for instance, I find myself in bed hugging a basin while I puke my guts out thanks to what I can only assume is goat milk. I thought I would try and you substitute for lactose free and at this point I almost wish I had regular milk. This could be my body’s way of literally forcing me to slow down because even though it was giving me all these signs and I was even telling myself to take a break I really couldn’t until now. Well I’m cancelling my plans for tomorrow. Most things happens for reason I guess.

I really can’t begin to explain the day that today was. Busy, cold, stressful but also awesome, happy, freeing and a joyful. So, what did I do today? Errands. I had to run to the post office I had to deal with something I went and got my nails done and I went to the dollar and bookstore. It wasn’t about the errands or the awesome planner that I got or even the six colour pen. Yes they are back. I think it was just the freedom of getting things done on my own schedule and not being rushed or pressured for time. Oh, did I mention, I was on the bus all day today. I had a friend with me and I feel like I conquered the world, like we went here there and everywhere and I still got my stuff done, still me. The ability to just get…

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When I saw this posted by one of my friends on Facebook I had to include it in today’s blog post. by no means am I trying to trivialize way in anyway make fun of anyone, I just found this hilarious yet that provoking when it comes to self-care. I know we’ve talked about this before but I think this image puts a new perspective on it for me. How many times as people have we said I am too busy. I’m too busy to… I have other obligations so… Sorry I can’t because… We forget to do the little things that keep us going as people while also neglecting our bodies. We may eat way too much fast food – Yes I’m in the boat too. We may I have other physical or mental issues going on for us, we may just eat what we look like. If any…

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Today’s lesson, don’t try and do everything in one day because if you do you’ll end up like me all the things might be completed but your body will be paying for it for the next week at least. I may have also packed my week to full of things to do but we will see. For some reason my body has purposely made me stop so I am going to roll with that until my body feels better. Learning lessons is different than lessons learned. We are always learning but it’s when we put into practice that learning that we can truly say we have learned.

Some days you just can’t explain. Today I can explain in two sentences. I laid around all day and did pretty much nothing, and then I had a very long but wonderful conversation with a good friend of mine. Looking back on the day I would not have had it any other way. Why, because some of life’s best moments are hidden in the Munding in the subtlety in the I don’t know who is in but let’s just do its. Because sometimes you need to let go and let your body guide you because sometimes the mind can’t be counted on to make the best decision and because when you live authentically other people since that and meet you where you are or leave you for another and either will be OK with you.

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