365 Days, Living In The Moment: Day 3

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Sometimes the best things are those which are unexpected,open, relax, be grateful for the day.

Today was very up-and-down busy with a bunch of things yet having to deal with some home stuff and some work stuff and I think that sentence encapsulates it all. We live in a world that is fast-paced Weather by nature or nurture is up for debate and though we may not be able to control others we can control how we see the situations we put ourselves in.

In this sense every situation is a choice so expect the unexpected make the impulsive choices sometimes relax and be grateful, tomorrow is another day another chance another choice another set of deliberate actions that we will make two words decisions that impact our lives.

I realized this today and needed to share.

365 Days: Living In the Moment

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It’s been along time since I wrote and my excuses are… Life I could get into it further but then I wouldn’t have any content LOL so as a way of getting back into blogging I am challenging myself to write one sentence a day at least maybe I will attach a picture maybe I won’t maybe it will be something silly maybe it will be something serious. Maybe there will be a video attached and maybe there won’t.

what I have learned in my time away from online platforms is simple I put too much pressure on myself. I need to be in the moment and so I am going to try this and if I lost a week or the entire challenge Then I have succeeded. All I know right now is that I need a space where I can just be.

So you will start to see more post for me. If you would like to try this with me feel free I will eventually create a separate tab under blog posts for this specific type of post but I do not know when that will be. I think this will be a really great exercise for me to learn to not only how to be in the moment but how to reach out to people and create something out of the quote un quote it was a mundane to you see beauty in the little things that quite often pass us by.

Surgery Anxiety, 5 Easy Tips to make your experience go smoother (hopefully)

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Going in for surgery or procedure is stressful and scary. To those who think it’s not stop kidding yourself it is. Though we may not be able to control everything and we may not even have a choice in the matter. One thing we can Control is our mindset going into what is bound to be a stressful experience.

Tip 1: Knowledge is Power

Ask all your questions before hand to the medical team and or Doctor Who is going to be taking care of you. Don’t be afraid to ask these questions a good doctor should be able to make you feel comfortable and answer whatever questions you have in ways that you will understand them. But if you don’t understand something don’t be afraid to ask for clarification. If this is your first surgery let them know that. Most doctors, that I know of in that case will take a little extra time and make sure that you are comfortable not only with the surgery but at the hospital before surgery day. know that no question is a stupid question so ask them all, through this is your first surgery will your 15th you deserve to be involved. From can you provide me a map of the hospital? To does my insurance pay for this, to the kinds of medications they may use during or after surgery, these are all valid questions. And honestly, they probably have heard them all before, remember they have done this even if you haven’t. If there was a question they can’t answer they should be able to point you in the direction to services that can help you.

Tip 2: Your Support System 

The support system you have around you before during and after your hospital experience is one of the major parts of why or how this hospital experience is going to turn out good or bad. I’m looking at you Mum. Your friends your family possible nurses that may come in after surgery are all there to help you so let them help you. It is also good to note that “help after surgery”May not look like and does not have to look like a nurse coming in to physically help you with something you physically cannot do, although this may be the case for some. Maybe you have someone come in and make a bulk meal or two for you or maybe you have friends come over and watch movies with you these are things that assist in your recovery just as much as the physical presence of a medical professional. To that end, don’t be afraid to ask for help especially after surgery and the whole point of help is to make your life a little bit easier so try not to push them away or be ungrateful. I know it happens and on many occasions it has happened to me because you feel like you are not recovering fast enough or “you should be able to do this already” just take your time, try not to stress, and know that everyone is rooting for you to get better and they’re trying to make life easier for you so you can do that. Eventually you will be back to your old self and painting the town red in no time.

Tip 3 Have some of Your Favourite Things Around You

After surgery make sure to have a few indulgent items around you your favourite music books foods things that make you feel like yourself again. This is the time you’re allowed to be a little selfish and take an extra long bubble bath I have an extra piece of cake.(Ask your doctor before you leave the hospital if there are any restrictions you should be aware of and then you can plan your recovery with those in mind.) You’ll be surprised how far having some of those things around you whatever they maybe will go to making you feel like yourself again.
Tip 4: Take Your Mind Off Of The Surgery

A few days before or even after surgery take your mind off of what just happened or is going to happen by doing something fun something you enjoy maybe a dinner out with friends, or an outing something that can take you out of the anxious state of i’m going in for surgery, or I have just got out of surgery and now my life has changed. Why take your mind off of it because I guarantee you your friends don’t want to be hearing about it for the 50th time and you don’t want to be obsessing over it to the point of an anxiety attack or making your symptoms even worse. If you can’t do this before surgery then do it after when you’re feeling up to it you can have an “I survived the party” with all your friends and family around you. This should make you feel like the star that you are.
Tip 5: Bring Something From Home With You

whether you were going in for a longer hospital stay or a day surgery I always recommend to bring something from home with you this can make the hospital and hospital room feel more like your own and less like and alien experiment that you just happen to find yourself apart of.

Hospitals and surgery in there for surgery anxiety are going to be a part of most people’s lives at some point or another if you find yourself reading this post maybe it has come up for you now or maybe it will come up for you in the future I hope these five chips help you to create the hospital experience you want but even if everything gets derailed, just know that you are not alone and that we are all rooting for you. Feel better and go into that surgery like pro you are going to rock this.

Getting Real: The Part of Cerebral Palsy I would Change

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The most annoying thing about having Cerebral Palsy for me is The frustration that comes when you can tangibly understand how to do something but when your body goes to do it the movement or task does not come out as smooth if at all. I hope this video can give some insight into the emotional toll that something like this can be on someone.

Imagine not being able to participate fully in family activities, or things with your friends. Maybe you can force yourself to do something with the best intentions but the entire time you are doing said well-intentioned thing, like an experience with your family or friends you have to put on a front. “It’s fine,” I can do this”.  Even though your body may protest. But because you do not want to miss out you go and do it anyway. I think this video just broaches to surface of the attitude people have two words the “Inbetweeners” DisableBut not looking it.Disabled but not enough to warrants health or attention in some peoples minds; as well as issues of persons with disabilities and how society views not only the “disabled population”But human beings in general. You are either one of the other but not both.

I think will find when we share these things that the things that we find most annoying about life or little things. Not to say that they aren’t valid but when you put it in perspective against everything else that is going on in the world and everyone else around us we may feel that our annoyances are just that and they are not the big problems we make them out to seem.


These Hips Don’t Lie, They Just Dislocate All The Time: My Experience Cortizone shot and Cerebral Palsy

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People who  know me know that I am not the kind of person to turn to medication when treating illnesses. Whether are the common cold or something to do with my CP I usually will go the all-natural root or as natural as I can. That said I realize sometimes modern medicine is the best way to go and so after talking with my doctor, Cortizone shots, or at least trying to Cortizone shot, sounded like the best treatment to start with when treating my hip dysplasia.

This was my first experience with anything like this and for that reason, I’m glad it happened the way it did. (next time I’ll be sure to take you in) I feel like this way with no time to think about it. In a way, I was less nervous. Which also meant I had less time to get worked up and stress about it which would be my regular reaction. The even better part, I thought immediate relief.

I did make sure though to ask all of the questions I had at the time. My doctors are always really good at explaining things, at least to the point I can make an informed decision.

Update, I am writing this blog post one day post treatment and I now have a few additional thoughts to share with you. Although, initial shot did not hurt, For me personally, the following afternoon and evening where are rather painful only in the injection site. I did have some swelling but I was told to expect that and I did end up having to use my chairs for the rest of the day. I didn’t really think about it until after, But, getting a needle in your saw a is not the same as getting a needle in your arm, in the functionality of it I mean. I couldn’t really stand on that leg and needed some help to walk around. Today being the second evening so is much better, I still have some trouble walking but once I start walking and the momentum is there I don’t have any pain it’s just getting up and starting that seems to Hurt the most. The pain though has greatly lessened and through all of this I didn’t feel that I needed additional pain management like Tylenol or Advil.

The other thing I have noticed about this type of treatment is that although my left hip(the one that was not treated with Cortisone) still does click out of place a lot the right one(The ones that didn’t get the Cortisone shot) has not snapped or popped since the shot.I’m taking that as a good sign.I hope that tomorrow the pain will be pretty much nonexistent and I will be able to go back to all of my normal activities be sure to come back Sunday to see what happens.

I would just like to reiterate, this is only my experience and everyone’s experiences are different when it comes to these things, but all are valid and should be given the same respect.

If you have experience with Cortisone or anything else to help manage the pain or symptoms of you CP let me know, leave them below so we can share and learn from each other.

Finding Normal: A very Real Discussion

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I know blogs are meant for writing but this case I thought a video was the most appropriate way to discuss this issue. They say a picture is worth 1000 words so a video must be worth a million.

I hope this video gives you some insight into my experience over the past few months with my CP. By no means am I looking for pity, the opposite actually, this video is meant to show my process through one difficult decision that persons with disabilities sometimes have.

If you are walking through something similar know that you are not alone and that the thoughts and feelings that you many be having or shared by many. Conversely, if you are a friend or family member of a person who is chronically ill or person with a disability I hope this video gives you a glimpse into what your loved one or friend might be feeling at times so you can help support them.

I Would also like to take this time to say, I by no means making this video or any other videos on or any of the videos on my channel to tell you how to live with a disability or chronic illness. I make videos about my life and experience, and show you things along the way. hopefully, through the power of the internet we can share with and encourage – learn from each other and breakdown some of the stereotypes surrounding disability, and what it’s like to live life differently. Through challenges and obstacles whatever that looks like for you.

Sending positive vibes


Pushing A Wheelchair: Not As Easy As It Looks

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I’m sorry for the break between videos. I needed to figure out a few things before I could continue with YouTube. Watch my next vlog to get caught up with all that. It actually someone ties into today’s post.Being able to independently get around is a huge part of my life. It enables me to do many things that I couldn’t do it otherwise. Obviously. Some take this for granted, I know I used to when I was solely ambulatory, now getting around can be harder sometimes it is definitely something I have to take into consideration.

Being able to independently get around is a huge part of my life. It enables me to do many things that I couldn’t do it otherwise. Obviously. Some take this for granted, I know I used to when I was solely ambulatory, now getting around can be harder sometimes it is definitely something I have to take into consideration. Since I am still able to use my arms I choose to use a manual chair And hope to use one for as long as possible. On days when my arms get tired I will sometimes have people push me. Usually, those days are rare and far between. I mention this, though, because, the way in which you push well sometimes dictate how quickly you get tired and how often do you need assistance or another person to push you. Having another person she is not a bad thing and I like it sometimes. But sometimes another person is not always around and one has to do what one has to do to get to where they’re going. Some of these situations I say just go do what you have to do to get yourself where you need to go push in whatever way is comfortable for you. I am playing means have proper pushing form and I would not want to come across like I do.

In this video, I talk about how to create proper pushing farm and to show a little bit but because of my surroundings can’t really give you a proper review so if you would like me to do a video showing how I push and my technique I can. Just let me know.

It is also good to know that if you are you using a manual chair but don’t have a huge amount stating there are assistive pushing devices available that can’t help you. And The one I have seen is from Tielight and attaches to the middle of the wheel as a button and That you push for more or less speed. This button is connected to a box that sits under the chair. If you want more information on this, I am not your girl, I have seen it once and only once. But it looks cool to me.

Long story short, there are many based should chair and the way you find your preaching style is just by giving it. Always have someone around the first just to prevent any possible accidents from occurring but know that it takes time to develop strength and the technique that works for you so don’t be afraid to experiment. Looks things up, Try things, make mistakes, and hopefully don’t flip your chair. But if it happens it’s part of the learning process just remember to talk your head.

This video is the one I used when trying to get my pushing technique right. It’s not perfect but it works for me.

Wheelchair Pushing – Good Form: SCI Empowerment Project

always consult then occupational And or physical therapist before buying a wheelchair as they will be able to assess you and help you to come up with the best chair and design for your body and lifestyle.

Wait, STOP! Manual wheelchairs and your breaking options. 3 Tips

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Many people wouldn’t necessarily think of weeks on a wheelchair as something they would need to consider, Those who do not use chairs may only think of wheelchair brakes as one type of break.Well, let me tell you there are many many different types for all different kinds of situations. The video Will go over a few of the most common types.

Before choosing your breaks there are a few things to consider first.

1. Insurance, sometimes insurance will only cover certain types unless you are willing to pay out-of-pocket) I am not the person to ask about this as shoe insurance is different everywhere. So contact your provider if you are unsure will and won’t be covered

2. Your hand control and strength in your arms and hands will be something you want to take into consideration when choosing the type of breaks you want to put on your chair. You want them to be easy to use but also tight enough that you know when you stop you are going to stay stopped.

3.The third thing you want to take into consideration when choosing the braking system that you are going to be using daily is your lifestyle and the tape ofPerson you are. The kind of clothes you wear the the type of activities you like to do, if you are a very active person who is going to be getting in and out of their chair a lot you may not want long breaks that intrude on the chair or break extenders that will come up high enough that you get your clothes caught on them. If you are using your chair for sports, or racing you may not want should have your brakes on the side of your chair at all and may opt for Scissor breaks that sit under the seat and therefore are less invasive but harder to get to.

This video will show you a better example of scissor breaks – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=At5dYrnZVvI

There are pros and cons to everythingWhich is why I would recommend really thinking aboutWhat you are going to use your chair for and what you would like your chair and all of it accompaniments to do for you

Always consult then occupational and or physical therapist before buying a wheelchair as they will be able to assess you and help you to come up with the best chair and design for your body and lifestyle. Along this line and I will also say when it comes to some of these “accessories” and I put that in quotes for and Those who may not See the logic behind customizing a chair.I think it is realized that our tears are an extension of us in many ways and they help us live our daily lives so to spend money on the difference”accessories” for your chairI feel is an investment in your independence. So don’t be afraid to fight/stand up for what you want.