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365 Days, Living In The Moment: Day 270

I have to say the next few days of posts will be very short. I got a concussion a few weeks ago and haven’t been treating it properly so I am now on strict precautions for very little screen time to wrap my head heel.

One thing I can say not having had a concussion before I now understand how simple things can be made so hard. And things that I take for granted like being able to use the phone or computer have become harder for me which is why I think this quote encapsulates his experience because through all of this and through whatever a person goes through you should never let an experience or a situation though your sparkle.

I once thought the work was everything and being good at work and was going to mean everything to me and in my life. That is not true at least for me because I realize now more than ever that work is only one aspect of what makes me me and there are so many other aspects that are more important and if one of the aspects of your life doesn’t suited for a time or a season don’t be afraid to let that go. You can come back to it or leave it all together as an experience you Went through and learned from.

365 Days, Living In The Moment: Day 269

I couldn’t agree more. I don’t know if this is something that comes with English or experience or just knowing yourself but it’s so true. Especially in the context of this blog, I tried to post something positive most days giving you a little look into my wife while at the same time trying to keep it real and not trying to paint everything with rose coloured glasses.

Everyone goes through personal struggle that’s just a fact. Then there are people who have additional challenges whatever they are and sometimes for those people life can look different but is still valuable and can still be valuable. This is something for us all to remember. Sometimes the most broken people are the most interesting to talk to you and sometimes the quietest person has every reason behind their silence. Some people are fun. Some people wear their heart on their sleeve. And some people live unapologetically authentically. Life is ironic.

365 Days, Living In The Moment: Day 268

I had to remind myself of this today and I had to keep reminding myself of this all week really but it’s a good piece of advice.And someone with a disability I can say that I often have challenges that others may not and often have to prove myself just doing “normal” things.

often people underestimate me and when they do I have to say I just kind of laughed to myself because I know when I approve them on they are going to be the ones shocked and having to renegotiate what they thought of me while I sit humbly thinking well I knew I could do it. I acknowledge it may take me longer and I may do it in a different way but in the end it gets done and a lot of the time people realize how inefficient they once were or are when they see how another person does something.

So underestimate me that’s fine just don’t be shocked when the underestimated rise. This probably sounds arrogant I am not unaware of that. I am often underestimated so I may have a more straightforward or cynical way of looking at things but every time I am underestimated or pushed down or told I can’t do something I take that as permission to not only do that thing but do that thing and do it in such a way that you take a second look you realize my worth and you realize how you may need to change your mindset. Because now, As much as I care about working and my job and all the things I do in life if it’s not meant to be let it be and if it is then it will be but I’m not fighting for it anymore. If you like me and vibe with me and get me as a person that is awesome. If it doesn’t work that’s fine too. I’m not holding anything against you and I hope you find who you’re looking for because I will.

365 Days, Living In The Moment: Day 267

I thought because today is Valentine’s Day I would talk a little bit about self-care. Something that I have been really bad at lately and my body and so are getting mad at me for it. How do I know what? I just do, I can feel it and sends it and as much as I am in my authentic self with in that but I also know when my alignment is off. I know it sounds a little woo but it works for me.

I am the type of person to give and give to other people or things in my life to the extent that I will often leave myself for last and go and do things because they need to be done or it would be easier to do X now instead of ex and Y later so I basically run myself to the bone. I acknowledge that, but now I feel it even more intensely and deeper than I have before. So I am taking my self-care seriously and, not just doing something once a week or once a month but I am in acting rituals that I have always been interested in or some that I had once enjoyed but put down to make room for other things. Only to end up realizing that I needed those things in order to feel myself. So yes I’m still going to work but after work my personal time is going to be focussed on me. I am still going to blog because I love it and it has become a routine for me that I truly look forward to. I will still Vlog and keep up my YouTube presence because I love creating content but I am making room for relaxation. Creating a routine that will serve me in my life both physically mentally spiritually and creatively I’m. I think doing something like this will not allow for a betterment of self but might bring other things into my life that I have been missing that I don’t even know it yet.

today being Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to start this. I am single and loving it so why not do something on Valentine’s Day that reminds me to love me.

365 Days, Living In The Moment: Day 266

this is so perfect for today because I think for the first time in a while I am totally OK with my circle. Big or small I know where everything fits. Not to say that something won’t change, actually I hope it does but that I am completely OK with understanding that some people are only to be in your circle for time while others will be there a lifetime. I am not afraid to let people go – or to truly let things be and follow the path that is put in front of me as I discover it.

I think as scary as it is to say I am ready to leave what I know for something different that I feel is going to be more authentic to me. What that is, I have no idea but I am willing to lean into the wind, listen carefully walk with intention and open my eyes to what’s next.

365 Days, Living In The Moment: Day 265

I was really hard on myself today for needing to take a break. I couldn’t figure out why. Logically I knew it was okay to need one, but because I think I have done more with less at other points in my life it seemed weird or wrong or like I was giving up too soon to throw in the towel now. Then as I lay here in a haze I saw this: I realized by giving myself a break now I was actually doing more for myself and then I ever was in the past. I care about myself now as a whole person and not as selective portions of people I feel like I should or could be. Being authentic has forced me to become more deliberate with my actions and choose more carefully how why and who I do things with. This has only benefitted me.

Now I am able to look back and see the error of my ways in previous situations and make better choices the next go around. Though I may still feel bad sometimes about how and when my brakes seem to happen I am also able to see the value in the ability taking a break gives me to be able to do other things in life. Seeing a break as a built-in pause button allows me too forced myself to slow down stop my busy mind and process that which is going on around me. So give me a break. You most likely need one too.

365 Days, Living In The Moment: Day 263

I don’t want to say much more because I feel like this says it all. I have a personal connection with project semicolon and I know reading these words or giving advice to someone is one thing but actually being on the other side and the recipient of one of these simple app, I can tell you from experience, has made me cry before. Has recently made my entire day. It has made me feel like a person, At a time when I didn’t know who I was never mind what my purpose was. There was a time when I didn’t know if I word it be able to keep plans that were made or we can advance. A time when things were so bleak I couldn’t see past the next few hours. Really. Seriously. It was bad.

I still have those thoughts sometimes but thanks to a lot of work and some good professional I am in a better place. Life has the will and does go out with or without you but I can’t say if you weren’t here the reality that you think would be fine without you the people that you think would just adjust they may move on because they have to but Heal well I can’t say for sure, but I doubt it.

I can’t say this: the next time you can, hold the door open for someone. Pay a compliment. Cheer someone up if you see that that they’re obviously down. Put out good vibes. Try to empathize with people. And don’t judge someone for one day or one moment, You don’t know what they’re going through.