Mindy Tucker is a young woman with Cerebral Palsy, who lives in Winnipeg, Canada. She has defied many odds and works to defy more each and every day. Her message is ‘it’s not just cerebral palsy,’ meaning there is more to life than your disability and your disability should not define you. Mindy lives and works each day just like anyone else and will take people along for the ride on her YouTube channel on which she posts on a weekly basis — talking about things like dating, Botox, bagels and tattoos. Nothing is off-limits with Mindy, as nothing is off-limits in life. Mindy can and will speak about anything and is not afraid to answer questions and debunk misconceptions.

  •   Health and Wellness conference – Winnipeg
  •   Pacific Rim conference on Disability and       Diversity – Honolulu
  •   The Re generation conference 2013 –    Washington DC

  Mindy maybe young but she has been    around the block a time or two and is  looking forward to sharing experiences with   the public about disability and diversity, about action and awareness, about life in general and she does so in a funky, memorable way that will make both young and old reevaluate what is most important in life.

Mindy volunteers at the Independent Living Resource Centre, where she trains people who are becoming personal care attendants who work with people with disabilities. She is also on a few provincial boards for different disability associations and is often involved in fundraising efforts. Mindy has a Bachelor of Arts with majors in Communications and English. She specializes in the area of social media.

Mindy is a down-to-earth person who wants to spread disability awareness and strives for equality. Converse with her and she will impress you, talk to her and she’ll intrigue you. Meet her and you will understand.

Mindy Tucker is a complex, intelligent and sometimes crazy young woman who cannot be encapsulated in a few sentences, because she is not a “disease” or a “diagnosis” and she does not live her life that way. After all, it’s more than just CP!