The F Word: Frustration with Friends

You have friends, good friends, family, and those who you would consider acquaintances. I am a person who has all of these. I think it is accurate for me to say I realize who falls into each one of these “groups“ And it works out as it should. I am not able to see certain people as often as I would like, and I see people who I want to see often, I also keep in contact with certain people.
One thing I don’t like which many people often do is giving your opinion and or voicing something when it quite obviously is not the time to do so. I like to think that I am open minded and I care about other peoples opinions so please don’t take this as Me saying “you need to be certain way around me“ instead, what I’m saying is if you know someone is going through something maybe you don’t bring up A certain topic for you avoid certain words. Knowing that a person may be sensitive to those things.
I had this conversation with someone and she totally agrees. You wouldn’t intentionally do something which may impact your friend in a negative way. Quite honestly, I am not even sure this friend realized what she was going on so in that aspect I really can’t be mad. At the same time I feel like this person knows better.
I find it interesting, to look at the time at which people come into our lives. There was a saying I want heard, some people come into your life for a reason, and some for season. In that respect I can’t really fault anyone but I can say genuinely this person threw me for a loop and I’m still trying to get back on the waggon.