The F Word: Freaked Out Over A Phone

I cracked the back of my iPhone XR and I have been staying calm about it. The phone itself still works it’s just the back that is completely shattered. I dropped it I don’t know where, or how, or even how many times because I’ve dropped it a bunch. I went to the Apple Store today to get it looked at I was then told I needed to make an appointment. The appointment time came (two hours later) and then it took them a bit to actually get to me. I guess I’m used to waiting, or I’m just a polite person, or I’m just easy-going. Or all three of those things combined.

I didn’t mind waiting but apparently my friend did and he made that clear. I was a little annoyed as well but definitely not to the extent he was. maybe I’m just used to it, I expect it. I will say this though, I do like it when they running on time. If that is not the case though, except it, there’s nothing I can do about it. I understand though, some people are impatient and I think that says more about them than it does the situation, what saddened me was the question I had is/should be common knowledge at the Apple store, all I want to know is how much I am going to have to pay to get the back of my phone fixed or replaced?

Some may say, Google it. I wanted to hear it from them and didn’t mind waiting. Being around people to exerting negative energy or just are frustrated in general just bring other people down, in my experience. Carry-on cast of the Apple Store. that said, we were both tired and I too can get in a mood when I am tired.

It was an interesting day, good and bad, definitely a day I won’t forget. The three major things I have learned today, when you think you know someone’s true colours they can always surprise you. Nothing is ever as quick as you think it is going to be. never take your phone like for granted.