The F Word: Future Plans Looking Forward to a More Balanced Life

As a person who is different I have always found I have faced more and or different barriers than others. I have compensated doing what I can do very well. I have always felt the need to go above and beyond to prove myself and to break down barriers in stigmas.

I still feel this way but I now realize making life harder on myself For another person’s benefit is not something I necessarily have to do. I put that pressure on myself. And the people who want to be around me and like me for me shouldn’t be putting that pressure on me. Just seems like common sense now that I understand it but it took me forever to wrap my head around and now I have I feel as if life is going to be much different but different for the better. I’ll be living life for me in the way I want so because it will be coming from a place of intention and balance I feel like there’s no way I can lose.

I know this is an existential topic and post so I get it if I end up talking to myself and only myself. Honestly, I’m used to that.