The F Word: F Equals Fatigue

I didn’t sleep a wink last night and my head didn’t help. Anyone with anxiety will understand. I ended up waking up a friend of mine and talking to her for probably like an hour and a half. Just trying to make sense of what was going through my head. I am the master of being able to think 12 steps ahead and then not Being able to let it go or go back to step one once I’ve gotten to step 12. So this ends up in me being rather fatigued today. I did absolutely nothing and that’s OK. I coloured in a colouring book and I got my groceries delivered so, in a way, I was adulting. To say I got no sleep would be a lie because I did get some sleep it was just in the morning probably for like six hours now that I think about it but messing with your sleep schedule is not good especially for me.

I had one other f moment today and I’m sorry this was not a family friendly f moment. I took the case off of my iPhone EXR which I put on because I had noticed that the back was cracked like majorly cracked but it looked like it was just the inside that was messed up so I can put a case on it and there would be no problem. I guess I dropped the phone one too many times and when I took the case off today I found that the back glass has completely shattered and there are actually pieces missing so now I have to go and get a new phone. Normally I wouldn’t and I would just deal with it but because pieces are missing and to me it becomes a bit of a safety issue I feel like I should go and get my phone replaced. Thankfully My phone is under warranty still so it shouldn’t cost me nearly as much as it normally would to replace my phone at least hopefully.

lessons for today don’t drop your phone and expect because nothing To happen because you’ve been lucky before and make your sleeve a top priority because without it you go kind of crazy. Also think the friends that are there at two in the morning to chat with you, who understand your crazy and love you anyway, because those are real friends.