The F Word: F*ing Everything

My plan for the weekend is/what is to sleep as much and as long as I could. I haven’t been getting the best sleep lately and by lately I mean over the past like 3 to 6 months so lately because I have some time off I am/hope to catch up on some of that sleep I’ve missed. I’m lucky that most people support me in this and want me to get to a point where I feel better.

My day consisted of dozing in and out of TV shows and resting. I was then aroused from my slumber by and knock on the door that sounded urgent. You know the kind of sound I mean where you think like this is got to be important somebody must be dying. Or that maybe you missed something important I got one of those knocks on my door end it wouldn’t stop. After what I’m guessing was about five minutes it did just as I pulled myself out of my bed and into my chair to figure out what was freaking going on that needed my urgent attention. To find no one at my door and a pamphlet lying at my feet.

I guess the person who left the pamphlet must have seen me open the door because she came running backAs if her life depended on it. A as if her life depended on it. Before I knew it she was in front of me giving me her speech on God knows what and before I knew it I slammed the door in her face and was walking back to my bedroom yelling ”not interested.” i’m pretty sure she wrote up a report about me to which I say whatever don’t come knocking on peoples doors like that and think you’re going to get a different response. Plus just tell everyone out there, never wake someone from their slumber unless you want to get a door in the face.

Speaking of doors just a quick aside for those of you who are animal lovers even my cat Jackson got in on the fun when he decided to make an escape from my apartment while I was picking up clean clothes from the dryer. I spent 20 minutes pulling my hair out trying to figure out where he was just to hear a little noise coming from the other side of my door as I madly shook the cat treats. I openEd the door to find my little Mr staring at me like, “I tried to run away and then I got hungry so I came back for food”I assured him back in with a quickness and a few choice words, you can figure out what they were, And did he jump in my arms to give me a cuddle, no. He went straight to his bowl and started stuffing his face. That’s my Mr. at least he knows me well enough to avoid getting a door in the face.