A New Mount Gives New Life To The Smart Drive:Nightmares from the chair

If you have been following my journey with the smart drive you know it has been a love-hate relationship. Mostly love. I believe I mentioned in one of my previous blog posts I was getting and you mount as the original one seemed to have a loose screw. This is an issue because if the mount is loose the smart driver wheel itself cannot fully extend and therefore can easily fall off the chair or cause damage to the unit it’s self. My original mount was becoming loose after it would use it emergency stop feature. This would be in acted accidentally but still obviously be an issue.

Yesterday I got a new mount after contacting smart drive and explaining my issue. They are so easy-going and we’re happy to help me and send a new mount. It was only after inspecting the old mount and comparing it to the new mount I realized there definitely was a screw loose in the old(Original) amount. The difference is night and day.

I accidentally started the smart drive while typing on my computer and it did smack me into my desk a few times before I realized I could get myself out of this situation by stopping/turning off the chair. Rookie mistake. Totally my fault. I should know better. My point begins after this movement, not being able to move forward, but also not really bumping into anything to In at the emergency stop. The Matt went to was fine no clicking or loud noises which I became accustomed to when the same type of thing would happen with the old mount. Also, when I went to Starbucks and crusts a notoriously bad intersection, bad for the fact, there is a very large pothole like dip right before the end of the crosswalk. I always get stuck in this pothole today was no exception, except that when I did the amount was able to fully extend forward in essence launching me and my chair forward into the air but then immediately bouncing back enabling me to get out of the rut, grab my wallet which fell out of my chair through all of this and continue with my day.

I’m sure it was terrifying to some of the passersby but to me it was hilarious and after all of this the smart drive and it’s mount still drive as smooth as they did this morning before all of this. This is what makes my day. No matter my work life or what else is going on do you know that in one way I can have freedom of movement is enough for me.