Fell Out Of My Chair & Hit The Sidewalk: Nightmares From The Chair

I was coming home from a very interesting week, to say the least and I was already kind of pissed that I would be home later than I thought, because I had to catch a later bus. But whatever I was going to get home.

I was listening to music minding my own business and I guess I wasn’t paying as careful attention as I normally would be but I came across a crack in the sidewalk that was apparently too much for the smart drive so it stopped and I ended up sliding out of my chair down my casters like right onto my butt on the sidewalk. It was actually a very graceful fall. I know what car did see me and I just waved at them and said it was OK and they went about their business. Quite honestly I thought it was OK. I popped right back into my chair my earbuds didn’t even fall out but then as I went to keep going for some reason I didn’t think to get the smart drive out of the rat it was apparently stuck in so it’s backed up words which made the attachment turn down word and that of course makes the smart drive come off. It won’t stay on while pushing you in that state but it will if you push yourself. Thankfully I was really close to my apartment so I was able to get home without too much difficulty and my friend was able to tighten the attachment back up so this my drive works now.

Of course when I got home though is when the pain from the fall started to say that in because it had been maybe 5-10 minutes so by the time my friend came with a wrench to fix the smart drive I was in a lot of pain. Thankfully it’s not as bad now but I know I am going to get bruises on my back because of all of this and I don’t recommend it as a way of transferring out of your chair if you are looking for an alternate one.