Judged by Someone I’ve Never Met: Nightmares From The Chair

I like to think I can handle judgment. I’ve had to overcome most of my life. Recently though I ran into a situation where someone who I have never even interacted with was so sure that I couldn’t do my position that I shouldn’t be working. Of course this is not true and nothing has happened because of it yet except for my loss of sleep and Stress levels probably went up like 1,000,000%. I also probably got gray hair because of it, thankfully I had an appointment with Nikki two days after this happened so any gray hair has now been concealed.

I just don’t understand why people do this to their people. People who I have spoken to about this will say that people just like drama. There must be more to it though, because you’re talking about another person can indirectly directly affect them I’m. And why would people want to affect people in a negative way I don’t understand.