Nightmares From The Chair: I’m late I’m late for very important Da-WORK

Nightmares From The Chair: I’m late I’m late for very important Da-WORK

This morning accessible transit picked me up or was supposed to at 6:30 which is actually a reasonable time compared to what I had had earlier this week. So what happens when I find myself leisurely getting out of bed at 6:03… Nothing I got ready and was at least ready by 620 oh that was left was to feed the cats and grab my things as I am doing that I check the time thinking I’d see 625 no I saw 6:33 AM. My excess a bowl transit service only wait five minutes past your scheduled pick up time so I wasn’t late but I ran down there. As best I could I mean. Do you find out that of course today of all days they are on time and not running late. Here comes the task of trying to find an accessible vehicle to take me to work and today it was strangely actually easy.

Once I get to work you think that would be it well it turns out it was only the steroids to what most would call one bad day but I have been having one bad day for the last three or four days needless to say I am glad tomorrow is Friday. We all need a break.

I will say though I’m surprised I did not make more out of this no-show then I actually did. I was fairly calm for once in my life through the whole thing of course other things made me more anxious and I ended up subbing in my cubicle for a good 15 minutes but that is another post. For now three cheers for under spell drinks and decent pick up times.


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