Nightmares From The Chair: The Nicest Thing Anyone Has Done

Nightmares From The Chair: The Nicest Thing Anyone Has Done

This post will be very different from anything I have posted on my blog and or my site ever before and could be triggeringIf you have ever dealt with an eating disorder of any kind.

Earlier this week I went to my pain specialist, I have a muscle condition, and use a wheelchair, as well as mental health issues.

I was talking to the nurse in front of the scale he was asking me if I added anything to my chair or if he could just use the weight he had on file for the chair. They weigh the wheelchair separately once and then they subtract to get your actual weight. I was nervous because I never actually weighed myself and since recovery I have gained weight I’m probably way more than I ever have. I’m trying to be OK with that. When my doctor came in and said,

Doctor: “ah don’t weigh her” (walking out)”you should’ve put on some weight, I hope you did”

Me: I did!

Doctor: Good

This was the single nicest thing anyone has ever done for me. It’s big because with my condition I still walk but when I walk and move my body because it’s different from “normal“ doctors want people to stay at the weight that is comfortable for them and their body type if not maybe a little under that so our skeletal structure and support the way we move for longer. I’ve been at a low weight all my life so do you hear the specialist in my condition say it’s OK to be bigger is big.


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