Nightmares From The Chair

Nightmares From The Chair: The Wheels On The Bus Go Round & Round

I have been looking forward to today (Friday) probably since Tuesday. I need this weekend to Just do some things from itself. Be creative, do you my own thing in my own way you know just relax.

Imagine my surprise when I got accessible transit times that were actually good. Hindsight being 2020 the pick up time is my have been good but I still spent an hour and 15 minutes just trying to get to my first destination.

I know I should be grateful for what I have and I am. But sometimes a girl just wants to get home on Friday. I think anyone and everyone can understand that. I even think my parents restrain to get a little annoyed because we have things to do. It was just having to deal with a long ride that would be one thing -people then start talking to you and did you just want to tell them like no I just want to sit in silence but that’s kind of rude so do you try and chat or give one word answers that they’re not picking up on.

Finally getting to my parents house after running to the drugstore wise the best.