Nightmares from The Chair: My Life Flashed Before My Eyes

Nightmares from The Chair: My Life Flashed Before My Eyes

OK so dramatic title aside this actually happened.

I should also take a moment to say I am sorry I am not posting daily like I thought I was going to but bad things don’t happen every day and such is life. Which is a nice segue into my nightmare for today.

I went out during lunch to check the bus stops for stop numbers to plan my route home. I took the smart drive on the bus for the first time from work (I always don’t when I’m taking a new route that will be going to and from my work I always start with mastering the trip home first because I am less stressed on the way home then on the way to work)

The good thing is I found the stops. The nightmare, the stop I will use to go home is across a very large crosswalk with buttons on both sides, Which is awesome. Not so awesome is dropping your phone in the middle of it having a friendly pedestrian pick it up for you and then on the way back dropping it again but dropping it in such a way that it is right in front of you yet you cannot get it. I was safely on the other side while my phone was not it was literally 6 inches from being run over by multiple vehicles.

Thankfully though that did not happen and I was able to flag down a passerby to pick it up for me. Needless to say, I now put it behind my back instead of under a leg when travelling to any bus stop.

I was able to complete my first bus trip with the smoke drive and it went well. I don’t foresee having to buy an accessible transit pass in July.

As I reflect on this incident I am shocked not only at how much our phones hold and mean to us these days but also with the value and simplicity of something like a bus ride to put everything into perspective.


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