365 Days, Living In The Moment: Day 365

365 Days, Living In The Moment: Day 365

What a day it has been. I can’t begin to explain how lucky I am to have such lovely supportive people in my life. With all the change going on lately I have been having an interesting time to say the very least. Things are starting to change for the better and I’m trying to roll with the punches. Which has been hard at times, I will admit but one of the many things which has kept me going is this blog and being accountable to posting.

A daily post has become part of my routine. A day without posting seems so foreign to me now. In many ways this blog has become more than a quote a day, or a place to vent, it has become my one constant, the one thing I can count on everyday. Accomplishing this 365 days of posting seems still unfathomable to me I can’t really believe I’ve done it. But in that it proves to me and hopefully others the corny saying you can do what you set your mind to is actually correct. Was it hard? Yeah a time. Was it worth it? I think so. Now not only can I look back on our year of many memories happy sad funny and everything in between but I have something tangible to show for it. Well, tangible in the way of the Internet age. So really it’s fleeting – it’s way too late to get into this right now. That said, it parallels nicely with the moment, if this blog has done anything, I hope it has shown that the moment is precious, and by recognizing the little moments you can make more out of life as a whole.

So, eat ice cream for dinner, I did that today. Tell someone you love them, take time to notice the little dog walking down the street, pay complement to a stranger and do the crazy things. Life can be over in the matter of a second, I know that all too well. I also know if you take time to live in the moment, authentically and with intention good things are bound to come your way eventually. Be open to adventure and it will find you.

This concludes 365 Days, Living In The Moment. Join me tomorrow for the start of Nightmares From The Chair. Siri’s where I talk about the good bad and ugly of every day situations – my internal dialogue included.


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