365 Days, Living In The Moment: Day 364

365 Days, Living In The Moment: Day 364

Wow. When I started this I couldn’t imagine actually finishing it. Tomorrow this series will end and on Thursday a new one, nightmares from the chair, will begin. This is Another daily venture, exploring the sometime is funny, sometimes terrifying, sometimes educational situations I find myself being on a daily basis complete with my actual internal dialogue. This series will not be for the faint of heart. This blog series will include course language. In the interest of full disclosure.

Anyway, I still have two more days of this blog series. So, I find myself fresh Out of tears and maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe it means that I am actually going to get over having to move on. If you’re lost you’re not the only one. Long story short, I have a very good friend who is moving and I won’t be able to see her as often if at all anymore. Although we will try to keep in contact we both know how life goes and so now I need to say goodbye. I am very bad at goodbye. Even though I know, I will see her again. When where or how I am not sure, yet I know our paths will cross again. So Innoway, I shouldn’t be worried about saying goodbye but I am. This came up quickly and I still don’t want her to go but I know it’s what’s best. So who am I to get in the way.

I was supposed to go to a meeting today but instead I decided to stay home for no good reason other than to just stay home end it was the best decision I could’ve made. My back has been really bugging me. I’m able to take medication to loosen it up so that I can sleep at night and make it through the day at work but by the time I get home Dash so much pain.I am at peace with all the decisions made today in this moment though, I’m tired and I want to go to bed.


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