365 Days, Living In the Moment

365 Days: Living In The Moment: Day 356

so simple and yet so profound. I think the message here is something we all would do well to remember. I will also say, shining is one thing. Having the courage to shine is another. Knowing that you may have work to do but you are still worth it is something that I as well as I’m sure many people struggle with.This really resonated with me and will be in affirmation I end up printing out and putting on my wall. Because, “You do you do not have to be whole to shine.”

There are so many ways I could take this quotemetaphorically in a mental way as well as physically. We often think of ‘pretty normal people’ at least that is what is portrayed in the media so that is where we are conditioned to think of as beautiful as whole as what we should aspire to as people. When really we are all broken people, some are just less broken than others, and some are just really good at hiding it.