365 Days, Living In the Moment

365 Days, Living In The Moment: Day 352

I am ready for bed and all I did today was work and get groceries delivered. #LivingMyCPLife

Adult thing is hard Period. And when you have a disability adult thing is even harder. Not because of the physical nature of it but because of having to coordinate everything. I don’t know that people quite understand just how much goes into every day of a life as a person with a disability Weather you have Help or not. There is always a schedule to follow. Whether it’s someone else’s or just your own list of to do’s.

When people see us at work I think they think we got out of bed got dressed and came in but do they know what goes into that. The staff you have to schedule or the time and you have to do a lot. Not only to get out of the house but then to get to San job. Then once you get home you have to do normal house cleanup, dinner, maybe run some errands. But what does that entail, maybe scheduling a cleaning lady maybe bulk meal prepping or having someone cook for you and directing them on how to do so as well as thinking about transportation to and from your errands not to mention the energy the errands take up.

So when I say I’ve had a long day and you tell me I know the feeling no that though you may be able to sympathize with me on a very surface level you will never actually no what it’s like to live my day until you are in my position. This post in these words do not come from a negative place at all.

Merrily, a place of wanting to educate and make clear all the challenges people face on a daily basis that although by themselves may not be challenging to gather create a very taxing day. know the tiredness we feel is true and runs deep and like you can’t quite understand what it’s like to live my day I know I will never be able to understand what it’s like to live yours.