365 Days, Living In the Moment

365 Days, Living In The Moment: Day 265

I was really hard on myself today for needing to take a break. I couldn’t figure out why. Logically I knew it was okay to need one, but because I think I have done more with less at other points in my life it seemed weird or wrong or like I was giving up too soon to throw in the towel now. Then as I lay here in a haze I saw this: I realized by giving myself a break now I was actually doing more for myself and then I ever was in the past. I care about myself now as a whole person and not as selective portions of people I feel like I should or could be. Being authentic has forced me to become more deliberate with my actions and choose more carefully how why and who I do things with. This has only benefitted me.

Now I am able to look back and see the error of my ways in previous situations and make better choices the next go around. Though I may still feel bad sometimes about how and when my brakes seem to happen I am also able to see the value in the ability taking a break gives me to be able to do other things in life. Seeing a break as a built-in pause button allows me too forced myself to slow down stop my busy mind and process that which is going on around me. So give me a break. You most likely need one too.