365 Days, Living In the Moment

365 Days, Living In The Moment: Day 260

I feel like way too often we as people with differences or people with disabilities are misunderstood and the things that we may get a kick out of or celebrate like being able to dry your own hair other people just don’t quite get it. So though I see The intended message of this image, be around people who are positive and make you happy rather than those who are negative and suck the energy out of you. I also see be around the people who celebrate the little things with you who understand why and how, getting assistive technology can change your life.

I think it’s universally known that people who live with challenges whatever they may be whether physical or not have it harder in one way or another or several ways than other people and I think it’s time that we as those people, Acknowledge that and society does as well. Understanding makes a huge difference and often is And the difference between our friendships and non-friendships. I’ll end by saying this: compassion is a rare traits finding yourself among the noise of everybody else is also hard to do but being around people who radiate positivity and to make you feel like a better you is a good start.