365 Days, Living In the Moment

365 Days, Living In The Moment: Day 257

There are definitely days where living in the moment is a choice and letting things roll off your back is a task and a half. I want to acknowledge that. Today was one of those days. Not in the majority actually but when it came to accessibility. I could take this blog post in many different ways but for the sake of time and education I am going to say, accessibility is not just physical, it is as much to do with attitudes and assumptions being barriers as it is weather for stairs. Something to keep in mind when you next encounter a person with a disability.

That said, the right attitude can get you through almost any situation this is true both in life and in terms of accessibility and living with a disability as part of your daily existence. If you have one or two good people in your life that can keep the right type of attitude for you it’s surprising how much your life can change and you can get through.

Though today was trying it doesn’t mean that tomorrow won’t be better and as we yet to immerse ourselves in the community more often as people with disabilities and people with just awesome attitudes, cool things to say and personalities people want to be around. The stigmas and preconceived notions people have about”disability” will slowly start to shift. So, even though today was not the best day, it was a learning experience for everyone involved.