365 Days, Living In the Moment

365 Days, Living In The Moment: Day 255

I just had a teachable moment with someone. Who was cutting me off when I spoke, thinking she knew what I wanted like she was a mind reader, and trying to make me work at her speed. This doesn’t happen at my house. Sometimes I will let one of these things go, given his situation but lately I have become much more of a boss, especially with my help. The days of walking over Mindy are long gone and the days of me standing up for myself I have become a reality and it’s not sometimes it’s pretty much all the time now.

This might sound bitchy and self-centred but please no I do not mean it that way. I do not have time for sub par help. If you do not want to be around me in a positive way in my house you can leave. If you insult me, my family or something I hold close to my heart. You can leave. If you do not believe that I know what’s best for me and, I can and will tell you what to do you can leave. I am not dealing with “Bad” help anymore. I am taking it into my own hands and I am going to live my life. If you want to help me do that, you are welcome in my home. If you do not feel this way and would rather Bring a negative attitude into my life please don’t because you’re not welcome here.

I recently found a great image on Facebook that I would love to use as my guiding principles for 2019. I think it does a good job of putting everything in assisting to me while also creating positivity. I realize I might be tough but I have a certain way that I want to live my life and I do not want to sacrifice that for another person or another person lack of want to do their job.