365 Days, Living In the Moment

365 Days, Living In The Moment: Day 252

So cold. It is so cold today. -37 without the wind -52 I think with the wind. It just means -cold. I came to a big conclusion today and no it was not about the cold it was about something else. And hopefully in a week or two I will be able to say more but because I am very superstitious I want to say more than that right now. But as soon as I am able to I will. What I can say, it is interesting how perspective of both things is gained at times you wouldn’t expect. It is even more interesting if you look at the choices people make at different points in their lives and compare them how you may end up seeing correlation and differences but in the end everyone is looking for the same thing.

When I come to a decision about something I find it’s much easier for me to make decisions about other things as if everything hinged on one decision even though I know that is not true. I make my decisions in due time and I feel good about them at the time in which I make them. I can say in the past year or so I have made more decisions that are based in my authentic self then based in what other people think of me. Although, I would be silly to say that I still don’t struggle with what other people may think of me.

In the end for me it’s all about happiness and how a person wants to achieve that in their life. No one can judge a person a boat or through the way in which they find happiness but being able to find it is what people struggle with and what I dare to do.