365 Days, Living In the Moment

365 Days, Living In The Moment: Day 217

There is one fact that was reinforced time and time again today, family doesn’t have to be biological it can be/become people you choose to surround yourself with because for whatever reason they make you feel good. And that reasoning is enough. I challenge the “traditional” version of family because over the past year I have seen family be created and taking on, moulded and reshaped as people and situations change. Family is the people you choose to surround yourself with, the love, the energy, the shared interests or shared experiences that bring you together. Family doesn’t have to be DNA, in fact, I believe, families that are created by people with a shared interest, vision, or values are often closer and become more unbreakable in bond then families that are biologically related.

I have nothing against my biological family. I find it though, often I am understood or, if it better, with others. Because of many different factors. Recently this has all come together for me so I thought I would share them.

Don’t get me wrong, biological family is important. That said, being able to find your niche in the world, where you fit, and feel your best is important for self discovery and growth. If you’re like me trying to be your authentic self you may understand when I say anybody I can be yourself around and I feel can vibe with me or people I am going to keep with me.

I know some of this may have sounded a littleā€¦ Deep and somewhat rambling so please excuse that. I just needed to get my feelings out there.