365 Days, Living In the Moment

365 Days, Living In The Moment: Day 199

I can say, today I was a scatter brain check that off the list.

That said,I had great conversations with great people,One of these conversations ended like this

“Happinesses is a choice not a destination” ~ Alex Fritsch

This really helped ground me in the moment and realize things really aren’t that bad. and even what is not so good will eventually work out.So, I can choose to let my time be taken with negative thoughts and should’ve, could’ve would’ve, Or I can choose to be happy about a small victory I had that day. Or the fact that I helped someone, I made it through another day, I had to deal with… you fill in the blank

Point being, As a friend of mine would have said, you can ruminate about the past, or worry about the future, but what lives in the past, nothing – depression, and what lives in the future, nothing – anxiety. Where do you need to live? In the now. I have a choice in not only where I live, but how I live and who I’m going to be.

I choose the Present the here and now. I choose happiness joy and excitement over sadness stress and worry. I choose balance and authenticity over pleasing others and conforming to someone else’s normal.

You get to choose too.