365 Days, Living In the Moment

365 Days, Living In The Moment: Day 183

I’ve had enough of trying to be . of proving yourself,To yourself or another. This is something people View as necessary but shouldn’t become a habit. I can see why a person would be tested to ensure their knowledge I have a certain topic area or field, but the term prove yourself which we throw out in every day conversation seems to carry unnecessary weight and stressed for both parties.

If I, or indeed you, not good enough the way I am, for the things I do and what I bring to the table that’s OK. I don’t have to please everybody I just have to please myself. So when you asked me to prove something to you if I choose to do that there is more to my thought process when doing something to please another.

Long story short, you need to put your needs, and your self first before anyone and everyone else. Meaning, often in the real world, you can choose between pleasing others all day and losing yourself or pleasing yourself and risking being disliked by some.This may seem old-fashioned, but roll with me, think about it, would you rather have lived a life for others, doing what others want you to do, making decisions because other people say that’s what you should do. Or, do you want to live a life governed by your own rules, where you’re in control and the mistakes you make our your own. A life where you get to decide. Of course I probably sound like I am making things seem unilateral or black and white. But there is always overlap and shades of gray I am the first person to admit that.

In this crazy world just know,

you are enough.

Right here. Right now. As you are.

No need to prove yourself.

Go above and beyond.


You are enough. Just by being you.