365 Days, Living In the Moment

365 Days, Living In The Moment: Day 156

I am a person who never did yet silly thing for the fact of being silly. Like, you know what I mean, little things that you might see at the store that have no real value or meaning, I think it in the fact that they are silly. Until today. It was just annoying day in general, and frustrating on many fronts but nothing that was particularly important, yet put all together all the little things created just very annoying weird day.

So, I was at lunch with a friend, who knew about the craziest that was my daddy and he wound up a little creature that happens to be magnetic put it on the whiteboard and let it go. The Magic Magnet Man As I watch this thing go down the whiteboard and I laughed, I understood in that moment a lot of things about life.

Today I was taking things too seriously. Today I was in a bad mood. Today was not my day. And that’s OK. I can finish what I didn’t finish today, and tomorrow. My life won’t be over if I do or don’t send email. And the weirdness that is life, is just life. Welcome to it.