Getting Real: The Part of Cerebral Palsy I would Change

Getting Real: The Part of Cerebral Palsy I would Change

The most annoying thing about having Cerebral Palsy for me is The frustration that comes when you can tangibly understand how to do something but when your body goes to do it the movement or task does not come out as smooth if at all. I hope this video can give some insight into the emotional toll that something like this can be on someone.

Imagine not being able to participate fully in family activities, or things with your friends. Maybe you can force yourself to do something with the best intentions but the entire time you are doing said well-intentioned thing, like an experience with your family or friends you have to put on a front. “It’s fine,” I can do this”.  Even though your body may protest. But because you do not want to miss out you go and do it anyway. I think this video just broaches to surface of the attitude people have two words the “Inbetweeners” DisableBut not looking it.Disabled but not enough to warrants health or attention in some peoples minds; as well as issues of persons with disabilities and how society views not only the “disabled population”But human beings in general. You are either one of the other but not both.

I think will find when we share these things that the things that we find most annoying about life or little things. Not to say that they aren’t valid but when you put it in perspective against everything else that is going on in the world and everyone else around us we may feel that our annoyances are just that and they are not the big problems we make them out to seem.



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