Finding Normal: A very Real Discussion

Finding Normal: A very Real Discussion

I know blogs are meant for writing but this case I thought a video was the most appropriate way to discuss this issue. They say a picture is worth 1000 words so a video must be worth a million.

I hope this video gives you some insight into my experience over the past few months with my CP. By no means am I looking for pity, the opposite actually, this video is meant to show my process through one difficult decision that persons with disabilities sometimes have.

If you are walking through something similar know that you are not alone and that the thoughts and feelings that you many be having or shared by many. Conversely, if you are a friend or family member of a person who is chronically ill or person with a disability I hope this video gives you a glimpse into what your loved one or friend might be feeling at times so you can help support them.

I Would also like to take this time to say, I by no means making this video or any other videos on or any of the videos on my channel to tell you how to live with a disability or chronic illness. I make videos about my life and experience, and show you things along the way. hopefully, through the power of the internet we can share with and encourage – learn from each other and breakdown some of the stereotypes surrounding disability, and what it’s like to live life differently. Through challenges and obstacles whatever that looks like for you.

Sending positive vibes



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